List of accepted papers!

28 papers out of 145 submissions (about 19%) have been accepted as full paper for oral presentation and inclusion in the conference proceedings. Full papers are allowed to have a maximum of 10 pages. (2 additional pages are possible, but each additional page will be charged 100 Euro.)

Additionally, 18 papers (about 13 %) have been accepted as 'work in progress'-paper for poster presentation! These papers will be included in the final conference proceedings as 2 page extended abstract (no additional page possible).

List of fully accepted papers - oral presentation (proceedings: max. 10 pages, additional page (max. 2) 100 Euro):

007. Security Analysis of the Secure Authentication Protocol by Means of Coloured Petri Nets
018. Fast Contract Signing with Batch Oblivious Transfer
020. Compact Stimulation Mechanism for Routing Discovery Protocols in Civilian Ad-hoc Networks
021. A Key Embedded Video Codec for Secure Video Multicast
023. Effective Protection Against Phishing and Web Spoofing
027. An Instruction Set Extension for Fast and Memory-Efficient AES Implementation
028. On reversibility of random binning techniques: multimedia perspectives
030. Video Surveillance: A Distributed Approach to protect Privacy
031. Personal Entertainment Domain: Concept and Design
032. A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Steganography
037. Privacy-Preserving Electronic Health Records
039. Assessment of Palm OS susceptibility to malicious code threats
040. Trust and rights in multimedia content management systems
043. Signature Amortization Using Multiple Connected Chains
050. Secure XMaiL or How to get rid of legacy code in secure E-Mail applications
064. Verifier-Tuple as a Classifier for Biometric Handwriting Authentication - Combination of Syntax and Semantics
070. Puzzle - A Novel Video Encryption Algorithm
081. Using XACML for Privacy Control in SAML-based Identity Federations
082. Selective Image Encryption using JBIG
085. Implementation of Credit-Control Authorization with embedded the Mobile IPv6 Authentication
090. Polymorphic Code Detection with GA optimized Markov Models
091. Integrating XML Linked Time-stamps in OASIS Digital Signature Services
092. Decentralised Access Control in 802.11 Networks
106. Non-Interactive Watermark Detection for a Correlation-Based Watermarking Scheme
119. A Secure Context Management for QoS-aware Vertical Handovers in 4G Networks
124. Multimodal Biometrics for Voice and Handwriting
129. Trustworthy Verification and Visualisation of Multiple XML-Signatures
137. Self-Healing Key Distribution Schemes with Sponsorization

List of papers accepted for work in progress session - poster presentation (proceedings: 2 pages extended abstract, no additional page possible):

008. Blind Statistical Steganalysis of Additive Steganography Using Wavelet Higher Order Statistics
011. Efficient Session Resume Protocol in Secure Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
034. Digital signatures based on invertible watermarks for video authentication
036. A Theoretical Framework for Data-Hiding in Digital and Printed Text Documents
077. Semantically Extended Digital Watermarking Model for Multimedia Content
078. Applying the LRCA algorithm to JPEG format
084. An Evenhanded Certified Email System for Contract Signing
087. Multi-End-to-End Authentication Scheme for Composite MPEG-4 Stream
088. An Architecture for Secure Policy Enforcement in E-Government Services Deployment
098. Some Critical Aspects on the PKIX Time Stamp Protocol
107. Traitor Tracing for Anonymous Attacks
108. INVUS: INtelligent VUlnerability Scanner
110. A theoretical approach to the WYSIWYS requirement
130. A Covert Channel for Hidden Text Files and SMS messages Transfer
133. Efficient Key Distribution for Closed Meetings in the Internet
135. Certificate Status Checking in the Restricted Environment of Smart Cards
138. Personal Rights Management - enabling privacy rights in digital online content
143. Biometrics: Different approaches for using Gaussian Mixture Models in Handwriting